How To Prevent The Dangerous Kidney Failure

How To Prevent The Dangerous Kidney Failure
How To Prevent The Dangerous Kidney Failure

Cases of renal failure are increasing.

From a population of 250 million, an estimated 400 per 1 million populations has the possibility of having kidney failure and as much as 100 per 1 million people have tested positive for kidney failure.

According to leading doctors from a hospital there are 100,000 patients with kidney failure and 25,000 new patients each year.

Kidney Function

The kidney is the same size with a fist.

This organ located below the ribs on both sides of the spine. Kidneys have a very important function for our body.

Kidney will cleanse toxins that enter the body.

Kidneys can filter the salt, toxins, and excess urea.

These toxins will be excreted through the urine.

Kidneys also act to regulate blood pressure, acid, and red blood cells in the body.

Caring For Kidney

If you want a healthy kidney then do not smoke because smoking can make blood flow to the kidney to be slow.

Before you take med!cat!*n, you should consult with your doctor first about the side effects of the dru9.

Once you are aged 30 years, doing medical examination and consultation with a doctor to ensure that your kidneys can function properly.

Eat food that is natural or organic and contains no preservatives.