Introduction to Black Rhinoceros

Introduction to Black Rhinoceros
Introduction to Black Rhinoceros

The most interesting fact about the black rhinoceros is probably how its name is quite misleading especially on color topic.

In animal world, the Rhinoceros in fact have three possible colors: grey, white or brownish.

The name black rhinoceros was given to give clear distinction between it with the white one.

The black rhinoceros have a very large body and they are different from the white ones also due to their hooked lips.

The species have two horns growing on the top of their hair and they usually weigh from 1,800 pounds to over 3,000 pounds.

Their size can reach 11 feet in length.

These mammals are known to have smaller ears and smaller heads than the white Rhinoceros’.

In natural setting we can find the black Rhinoceros in Africa living along the Savannahs.

They may be on the plains or in the woodland area in countries like Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania.

Most of time, the animals spend their time alone that is why they are called solitaire.

Time to look for mates seems to be the exception when the males of Rhinoceros will stay together.

However, unlike other species, the black rhinoceros are not so territorial.

They can be more aggressive then there is lack of food.