Keep the Preservation of the Elephants

Keep the Preservation of the Elephants
Keep the Preservation of the Elephants

It is very important to remember that we live side by side with the other creatures.

If you claim that you live in human world, you also need to claim that there are the other worlds out there.

One of the examples is the animal world. Well, you know that each world has its own rule and thus, it must not disturb the others.

That is why it is very vital for us to keep the harmony of the world by maintaining the relation of the creatures in it.

Illegal hunting must be discarded from this world.

It is because not only the animals which are put in disadvantage but also the human beings.

Let us take the example of the elephant hunt.

If this kind of hunting is done over and over based on the human’s greed, at a certain time in the future, our children will not be able to see the elephant anymore.

It is like that we cannot see the dinosaurs now.

Perhaps, it is very possible that our children can only see the elephant in the form of pictures and fossils.

It is a pity, isn’t it?

Therefore, starting from now on, let us build our awareness and respect to the animals.

Without the animals, our life will never be the same.