Know Better Orangutan

Know Better Orangutan
Know Better Orangutan

Orangutan is one of the bigger animals in animal world that you will see in a zoo.

You do not need to go to the forest to see them.

There are many species of Orangutan, but common people know that Orangutan species are divided into two.

They are Sumatran Orangutan and Kalimantan Orangutan.

Their size is almost the same between these two species.

The name of Orangutan comes from Orang and Hutan.

It means that an animal, looks like a man, which lives in a forest.

They have two hands and they have two foot.

They mostly spend their daily activities on the top of a tree.

Perhaps, there is a certain time that they will do some activities on the land.

They like to jump from one tree to another tree.

They like to eat fruits.

When they climb a tree, they usually use all of their hands and their foot.

When they want to go down from a tree, they will not jump but they will go down slowly.

Those are the habits of Orangutan.

As you have known that this kind of animals is a rare animal.

So, you have to keep them and do not let the population decrease time after time.