Know More about Elephant

Know More about Elephant
Know More about Elephant

What comes in your mind when you are asked about the heaviest herbivore on earth?

Yes, indeed, your assumption will definitely drive your mind to think about elephant.

This animal is judged to be the biggest land animal in the animal world.

Everyday, this animal can eat up to 250 kilos of leaves and grass.

And for your information, this animal likes to live in colony.

Each colony consists of at least 30 elephants.

Well, you can just multiply the amount of the leaves and grass.

And the amount that you will get is very amazing.

Each colony can eat up to 7 tons each day.

Yes, indeed, elephant is a heavy eater.

Besides being a heavy eater, elephant is actually quite smart.

It can be trained to do some things.

That is why elephant is quite common to be found during the circus performance.

For you to notice, elephant’s brain is bigger and more complex then the brain of the bear.

With such brain, the elephant can be asked to do some attractions such as playing balls, dancing, playing sticks, and the other things.

However, it is quite pathetic to know the fact that this amazing animal is facing extinction.

Wild and illegal hunting makes the amount of the elephant is decreasing quite greatly.

That is why together we must preserve the elephant to prevent the extinction.