Know More about Indian Lions

Know More about Indian Lions
Know More about Indian Lions

The modern world today seems to be very powerful and the glamorous beauty seems to forget much of the richness of our nature.

It is proven by the decreasing amount of many species in the world, such as lion and tiger.

In the animal world, both lion and tiger are protected with legal status.

There are more and more national parks that are today established to protect these endangered species.

Here would be discussed further about lion, specifically about Indian Lion or Panthera Leo Persica.

The species live in India, especially in Sasan Gir Forests, in the area of Gujarat.

Their remaining habitat, thus, is only at Gir National Park and Lion Sanctuary.

In fact, India is the last earthly refugee of the species.

Today, their amount remains only about in the low-three digits.

Besides called as Indian Lion, they are also called as Asiatic Lion.

Their height is about 2.5 m to 2.9 m, and their weight is about 200 to 250 kg.

Globally, Indian lion is also rated as the most endangered species that the authorities of the National Park today keeps their effort to save them from extinction.

Thanks to the big effort, today, their numbers slowly begin to improve.