Know More about Lions and the Family

Know More about Lions and the Family
Know More about Lions and the Family

Everybody knows lion. 

In the animal world, this species is known as the symbol of power and courage.

In many countries, lion becomes the symbol of coats of arms and it is even put as national flags.

Lion is in fact long known as a cat species that becomes a predator.

The wild animal world finds the social based system with network of lion in Sub-Sahara Africa, Greece, Middle East, and India.

There shall be much more that we have to know about this magnificent animal which can live until 13 years of living age.

The interesting side of a lion is on how it develops the social system which is based on a teamwork and division of labor.

Although there is a kind of extended family, but the relation among the individuals is very close.

The lions love to get rest and enjoy their fellowship by licking, touching, head rubbing, and purring.

In one pride of lions, the average amount of the members is about 15.

There are 5 to 10 females in it, 2 to 3 territorial males, and the rest would be their youngs.

The habitat of lions is at grasslands, savannas, woodlands, and also dense bush.