Knowing More about Horse

Knowing More about Horse
Knowing More about Horse

If you go to a countryside, you will be lucky to see horse.

Horse is a string animal that comes from subspecies of the family Equidae.

The existence of horse can be traced back into 45 million years ago but human starts to domesticate horses around 4000BC.

Almost all horses that you know in this modern world are domesticated, although there are still a small numbers of true wild horses of Przewalski’s Horse.

In animal world, horse has its natural enemy such as predators.

Lions, tigers, and the like is the natural predator for horses therefore, horses has special anatomy that can help them to make speed to escape predators.

A horse can run as fast as a car and they have a well-developed sense of balance and fight-or-flight instinct that can help them to fight against dangers.

A horse can sleep both standing up and lying down.

They always aware of their surroundings and their instinct guard them.

A horse can be trained to wear saddle between the ages of two and four.

People usually use domesticated horse to be trained to wear saddle.

It becomes adult at the age of five.

A horse can live up to 30 years and some horses are even more.