Knowing the Signs of ADHD on Kids

Knowing the Signs of ADHD on Kids
Knowing the Signs of ADHD on Kids

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or known as ADHD is a disorder on mental health that usually happen on kids.

Kids with ADHD usually lack of concentration on one time and tend to always move from one place to another.

If parents do not know about the signs of ADHD, the prolong condition would make a problem on kids’ social life in the future.

Here are the commonly signs of ADHD.

  1. Kids with ADHD do not understand about the concepts of sharing with other people. They may cut the other kids’ turn when playing games because they cannot wait a little longer. Kids with ADHD only think about their interest.
  2. Kids with ADHD usually have fluctuation temper. One time they can be calm and suddenly they can be on tantrum.
  3. Kids with ADHD cannot be told to be sit still. They tend to fidget on their sit and they prefer to run around.
  4. Kids with ADHD tend to leave their task unfinished. They cannot keep their concentration to one task till the end because there are always another object that could attract their attention.
  5. Kids with ADHD lack of attention. They have a problem giving attention to one object for a long time. Even when you are talking to them directly, they could not say what you are talking about.
  6. Kids with ADHD often make mistakes. People thought that kids with ADHD are lazy and don’t smart because they often make mistakes on their work. It is because kids with ADHD lack of focus to follow the instruction on the work.