Komodo’s Ecology

Komodo’s Ecology
Komodo’s Ecology

There are some animals which are protected by the law.

When it comes to rare and protected animals, the ones who are dealing with buying and selling related to those animals will be considered as a law breaker and they are going to be given such sentence by the law.

Komodo is one of the protected animals. 

It lives in Komodo Island.

Komodo Island is the new 7 wonders of the world which is located in Indonesia.

Komodo is considered as the biggest lizard in the world.

It has around 60 shark-like teeth which are full of bacteria.

This big reptile really loves living in a hot and dry place.

Hence, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia is komodo’s comfortable place to live.

They active more on the day although they are sometimes active when the night comes.

Komodo can run and move incredibly quickly over short distances.

It can run over 20 kilometres per hour and is able to swim well and dive up to 4.5 metres deep.

As a carnovore, komodo likes hunting such deers and even carrion.

By its sense of smell, it can realize whether or not there is carrion or even dying animal up to 9.5 kilometres far from where komodo is.