Lime Health Benefits You Must Know

Lime Health Benefits You Must Know
Lime Health Benefits You Must Know

Some people use lime to detox their body and some people to treat scars. 

In fact, there are several unusual health benefits you must know:

1. Asthma and cough

Lime has very high vitamin C and anti oxidant that helps boosting your immune system and improve the function of your lungs. 

Drink lime juice with a table spoon of honey will help reducing asthma symptoms and bad cough.

2. Constipation

High acid and vitamin C can be the best cure for constipation. 

You just have to drink a glass of warm lime juice every morning. 

In about a week your digestive system will get better.

3. Sore feet

When you get too tired and your feet feel sore, lime can be the best cur3. 

You just need to soak your feet into warm water and add some lime juice and a table spoon of salt. 

It is refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

4. Relieve heartburn

You can also use lime to relieve heartburn. 

It is pretty easy, you just need to drink warm lime water and drink it slowly. 

Smell the warm lime slowly. 

It can be a good aroma therapy to get you relax.

5. Help relieving cholera

Lime and lemon are able to kill cholera bacili, the bacteria that cause cholera. 

Just drink warm lime or lemon juice during the treatment.