Most Iron Foods that You Must Eat

Most Iron Foods that You Must Eat
Most Iron Foods that You Must Eat

Iron is part that important for our body.

Consume these foods for your iron intake.

First is whole grain oats.

It is better to get whole grain plain oats and sweeten it with fruits, nut butter or nuts rather than adding sugar.

While you adding Vitamin C from citrus, kiwi or berries, it can help you to boost absorb iron from oats.

Next food that rich of iron is oyster.

3 ounces of oyster contain 10.2-milligram iron and 116 calories.

Oyster is also super food for top source for Vitamin B12.

Fish is food that not only reduces the risk of heart disease, cognitive decline, and depression but also supply for dose of healthy iron.

Take at least 8 ounces of fresh salmon, tuna or halibut each week.

Next food for high iron intake is edamame, a half up of edamame contain 4.4 mg irons and 149 calories.

Meanwhile, take pumpkin seeds with squash seeds kernels present 4.2 mg iron and 148 calories.

As true super food, white beans deliver about 3.9mg iron and 153 calories in half of cup.

The white beans also source for potassium.

Love to chocolate but afraid for the fat?

Consider to take dark chocolate that high in antioxidants and reduce heart disease risk.

Just ensure that you stick the portion into 1 to 1.5 oz portion.