Do you know about the population of Orangutan today?

Orang Orangutan is one of rare animals in the animal world.

The appearance of Orangutan is almost the same with monkey.

The difference between Orangutan and monkey is the body.

Orangutan is bigger than monkey.

They like to spend most of their activities on the top of the trees even though they can walk on the land.

You can find Orangutan in Indonesia, especially in areas which have many forests.

They like to jump from a tree to another tree.

Their natural environment is a forest.

But, the population of Orangutan is going to decrease from time to time.

Most of them are hunted by a hunter.

They are usually to be put as a display or souvenir of a house.

Besides, many people look for this animal to complete “their home zoo” because of their hobby or to please the people.

Those are the causes of why the population of Orangutan is going to decrease by years.

We, as human beings, have an important role to keep them, so they will not extinct because of our own bad manner.

They are also God’s creature that we must save. Rare animals are things we should keep.