Pros and Cons Camel as Pets

Pros and Cons Camel as Pets
Pros and Cons Camel as Pets

In many aspects camels were domesticated and utilized thousands of years ago.

Even though around the world camels are still used as modes of milk production, transportation, hauling goods and so on, they also have won their way into humans’ lives as pets.

Maybe some of us feel surprised of the idea of camels as pets.

Will they spit to us?

Certainly camels can spit but that doesn’t mean they will always cause people been spit on by them.

Moreover in the United States camels have been born within the country and many of them make good companions because they have been raised bottled.

In animal world camel is known for its very large size no wonder some of us will think it is impossible to consider that animal as pet.

It is common to see a male camel to have more than 8 foot tall.

Therefore, when it comes to get along with camel, we should use similar cautions we have with other large animal such as cow, donkey or horse.

Camels’ bodies are adapted to eating grasses even with low quality.

In fact we should be cautious for not feeding then good quality grass cause it can lead to weight problem to camel.