Protect Lion Now

Protect Lion Now
Protect Lion Now

The life of lions is actually very interesting to observe.

In the animal world, this cat species is known as the symbol of nobility and it is often seem as the combination between beauty and strength.

People also love to call lions as the king of the jungle.

Lions used to be found in Greece until India, but for the human population boom, their habitat becomes narrower and today they only remain mostly in Sub-saharan desert as well as some part of eastern and southern Africa.

The population of lion is decreasing not only for the narrower habitat actually, but also for the human threat as hunting, poaching, and poisoning by many livestock ranchers.

Even in the animal world this species is known as a predator that even human would be afraid of, but as a part of the ecosystem, their existence should be respected and protected anyway.

The hunting and killing of lions can make the imbalanced ecosystem, which, in the end, it would give much loss to the whole human’s life.

The species is now listed as vulnerable by IUCN that the amount is getting reduced for 30% in the last two decades, which would be about three lion generations.