Raw Onions Benefits for Health and Beauty

Raw Onions Benefits for Health and Beauty
Raw Onions Benefits for Health and Beauty

Onion of course becomes very common ingredients for various kinds of cuisine.

It can give the great taste for the meal for sure.

Nevertheless, people can get teary when cutting raw onion.

They even will get offensive breath if they eat raw onion.

It can be small drawbacks actually because people can find various great benefits of raw onion not only for their health but also for beauty.

Hair Growth Promotion

If people do not want to get problem with hair loss, they should consider applying raw onion juice onto their scalp because it is able to promote the growth of the hair.

Blood circulation can be promoted by the sulfur content in raw onion.

Better blood circulation to the scalp will be useful for increasing collagen production needed for growing new hair.

Blood Sugar Regulation

People who have to deal with diabetes can get great benefits from onion.

There is sulfur compound which is called allyl propyl disulfide within onion which is useful for increasing the production of insulin.

It is also useful for lowering the blood sugar level.

Trace amount of chromium can also be found in raw onion juice.

It is useful for improving the glucose tolerance level in the body.

That is why people with diabetes should include red onions in their daily diet.