Reducing Cough and Allergies by Consuming Honey

Reducing Cough and Allergies by Consuming Honey
Reducing Cough and Allergies by Consuming Honey

Honey is golden liquid produced naturally by bees.

It tastes very sweet so many people love consuming honey for bread spread, give taste to milk or tea, and many more ways of using.

In fact, besides the delicious taste, honey also has so many functions to improve health.

Two of the amazing functions are to reduce cough and allergies.

Consuming Honey to Reduce Cough

The using of honey for cough remedy has been recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Based on the Penn State College of Medicine study in 2021, honey can reduce cough at nights and improve the quality of sleep in children who were suffering infection in upper respiratory system.

Even honey worked better than the dextromethorphan medicine of cough.

Consuming Honey for Allergies

Some researchers also have proven that honey could reduce seasonal allergies’ symptoms.

Even in one placebo-controlled study done in 36 patients of ocular allergies; it was found that the patients have better condition after consuming honey rather than the placebo treatment.

However, most people feel hard to consume honey as much as one tablespoon every day.

There are many more functions of honey as natural home remedy for kinds of diseases.

You also could consume it as your daily diets to improve the health of all family members.

Honey contains kinds of nutrients and anti-infections agents that will improve health of anyone who consumes it.