Save Orangutans Now

Save Orangutans Now
Save Orangutans Now

How terrific is it when you realized that your national proud animal, orangutans, are going to extinction slowly but sure?

As the Indonesian people, when we realize that the populations of orangutans is decreasing.

Orangutans also be famous as the endangered animal world, therefore we should fell a shame because we can’t do something to prevent this happen.

Even though, it would be hard to increase again, we still have a chance to stop this decreasing population of orangutans.

What we can do now is the important issue that we should seek for and then do it.

Actually, there are many things that have done by the cooperation between Indonesian government and international government to create and preserve the green forest for orangutans.

But this formal cooperation must get our full of support. Our support can be any forms.

There are some simple things that you can do to support all of the policy about saving orangutans.

First, you can visit the national park of Orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra island.

With your visiting, you can give the indirectly contribution to orangutans.

You can get the better understanding how to help the preservation of orangutan habitat, so you can practice it in your own life.

The other indirectly contribution is by your ticket money, you can contribute the financial support of orangutans habitat.

So, you are so eligible to save orangutans now only with the simple thing.