Some More about Wolves

Some More about Wolves
Some More about Wolves

The wolves are often seen to be the frightening carnivore animal that we can never imagine to be close to us.

The stories seem to always put the wolves to the antagonist part, whereas they, as carnivore, would have right to live their life as the other cuter animals as cats, even if they cannot be categorized as pets.

The wolves are often seen to be the meat-eater species that have the long canine teeth, seems to be ready to eat whatever is in front of them.

In the fact, they are not interested to human, although they are carnivore.

They love to eat the other species that are bigger than them, like sheep, elk, moose, deer, and many more, but they also eat the smaller ones, like birds, fish, snakes, and even fruits.

Today, the habitat of the wolves is very limited.

They can only live in the deep forests of Canada, Alaska, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

There shall be some more in China and Russia, but they never seem to be present again there.

This is why, today, this species is categorized as endangered.

There shall be more effort to protect them, because they are one of the components of the ecosystem.