Some Protections in Giraffe

Some Protections in Giraffe
Some Protections in Giraffe

Giraffa camelopardalis, or giraffe, in the common used, is the tallest animal in the world.

With height until 19 feet (for males) and 16 (for females) it is no doubt that there are no animal can be taller than that these days (you cannot count dinosaur here, sorry).

With height like this, they are rather easy to be spotted by the predator.

Luckily giraffe have some tricks to get away from the predators.

In animal world, it is so usual that the stronger you are, the longer you live.

Although giraffes are not the predators, they can run for their life from them.

As the highest animal, giraffe can see a much wider area than the other animals so that they can be really aware on the condition around them.

Once they see there are some predators look for them, and try to catch them, they will run.

And their long legs cannot be underestimated because although their bodies seem so big, they can run quite fast.

Beside their long legs, giraffe also have another thing in their bodies which can help them to defend themselves of to offend.

Giraffes have horn in their heads.

These horns are protected by a thin skin.

These horns are to protect their heads when they fight.