Some Uniqueness of Giraffes

Some Uniqueness of Giraffes
Some Uniqueness of Giraffes

There are many species in animal world which starts to have only some animals.

One of it is giraffe.

Although the number of giraffes is still relatively stable, they are not the kind of animal that can be found anywhere (except zoo) as they live in the center, southern, and eastern of Africa.

In Africa, people can see their uniqueness from its body to its habit.

Giraffes have uniqueness of their own.

They can rest standing although they sometimes rest with their legs folded beneath them.

They can even rest with their neck held vertical except that in five minutes they will rest their neck in the rump.

In the herd, giraffes can realize their own hierarchy and act as what their position allows them to do.

Here, giraffes can feel safe because they can watch for predator for each other.

As they are big and live in herd, they need a really large area to live.

It is usually around 46 square miles for adult, but smaller in mature giraffes and larger for the young males.

They are not really protective in their territorial so that they can live with other animal within overlapping ranges which cannot be done by another kind of animal.