The 3 Best Foods to Fight Anemia

The 3 Best Foods to Fight Anemia
The 3 Best Foods to Fight Anemia

Anemia happens to be common blood disorders which often suffered by people.

People are suffered from these disorders when they have low concentration of haemoglobin in their red blood cells.

Haemoglobin plays important role in transferring oxygen to many parts in the body.

However, this condition can be fight by consuming foods for anemia.

Spinach is green leafy vegetable that should be included in the daily diet if you suffer from anemia.

It contains high iron and many important vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, and B9.

There are also beta carotene and fiber that can be found in spinach.

It will not only meet the need of iron the body about 20 percent but also improving the body health.

The need of iron also can be taken from red meat such as lamb and beef.

The iron which is contained by red meat is easy to be absorbed by human body so that you need to include it in your daily menu.

Other sources of high iron can be gotten from heart and liver.

Beetroot is one of foods for anemia which is very effective.

Besides containing high iron, it also helps on the reparation and reactivation of red blood cells.

This process will promote better oxygen transportation in the body.