The Advantages of Fasting for the Health

The Advantages of Fasting for the Health
The Advantages of Fasting for the Health

Fasting is different with starving yourself like people with anorexia do.

When you are fasting, you still eat with enough nutrition though the time you eat is being controlled.

Many religions from long time ago have taught about the concept of fasting though they taught fasting for worshipping reason not because its benefits for the health.

Here are several advantages of fasting for the health that people should know.

  1. Fasting help the body loose the weight. When individual do intermittent fasting for a several hours, the body will burn the body fat as the energy and that makes the weight loose fast.
  2. Fasting help the insulin becoming more sensitive. After fasting period, insulin hormone in body’s cells would work more sensitive on controlling the glucose in blood.
  3. Fasting improve the metabolism. With fasting, your digestion system has enough time to rest for a while. This way your metabolism would improve its functions to burn fats and calories.
  4. Fasting help people live longer. When people are ageing, their metabolism would slower in functions too. By fasting, thee metabolism in body keep on maintenance. Hence the body would slower on ageing and live longer.
  5. Fasting prevents the obesity by improving the hunger concept. The problem on people with obesity is the obstruction on the balance of hormone that regulate the hunger and the full concept in the body. So they do not understand the time to stop eating even though they already full. By fasting, the body will teach again from the beginning about the hunger and the full concept and improve the balance of hormones in the body too.