The Amazing Facts about Carrots Found Recently

The Amazing Facts about Carrots Found Recently
The Amazing Facts about Carrots Found Recently

Everyone knows that carrots are one of vegetables that contain so many beneficial nutrients for health.

Historically, carrots were used as medicine, but because of the good taste, it then becomes one of nutritious foods consumed daily by many people.

Find some amazing facts of carrots that have been recently found below.

  • Based on the new study done as long as 10 years in Netherlands, carrot that belongs to the orange/ yellow category of vegetables/ fruits could help lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease to the least rate. The more carrots are eaten, the more it will reduce the cardiovascular disease risk.
  • Carrots contain high carotenoids that provide the important benefits of antioxidants. Some studies have recently proven that carrots could reduce the colon cancer cells growth. It is also found that carotenoids in carrots also prevent the oxidative damages inside the body as well as in the carrots itself.
  • The nutrition of carrots will get retention well even though it is placed in a refrigerator for some weeks; provided that the carrots are packed well in air-tight container or wrapped by damp paper. 

Therefore, now you shouldn’t skip carrots as one of your foods in daily diets.

It could be served in steamed, boiled, or juiced options. You can feel the beneficial function for your health.