The Benefits of Camel for Human

The Benefits of Camel for Human
The Benefits of Camel for Human

Camel is an interesting animal and even today some people consider camel as good pet.

Associated with lives in the desert, camel is no longer mysterious in animal world because more studies unrevealed how humans have taken so many advantages from this animal.

Here we will discuss more on the benefits of camel for human.

Primarily camel is used for transportation.

Regarding with their use and source of food there are few interesting facts about camel.

This animal has been a source of both milk and meat for Bedouin tribes.

More than cows’ milk, the camels’ is very rich.

The meat of camel is also tasted like beef and from Persia to Egypt it has been served for years.

Camel blood is also consumed in some regions as a source of iron, salt and vitamins that commonly are unavailable in usual diet.

Camel’s hides and hair even though are not food sources can also be valuable commodities as they are often used in fine articles of leather products and clothing.

Camel dung can also be used as fuel for cooking and heat.

Camel race is also as popular as horse race in the Middle East.

This certainly makes camel more beneficial for human as entertainment item.