The Best Food for Brain

The Best Food for Brain
The Best Food for Brain

Do you want to be a clever person?

You should know about food for brain.

Here are some types of foods which are very good to make your brain become so clever.

But, sometime some people don’t now about it until they don’t consume it well.

So, what are the types of food which is good for your brain? The foods are:

· Salmon

Salmon contains omega-3 that helps development and growth of brain function.

The research showed that omega-3 makes a people have sharper minded.

· Egg

Egg yolk contains Colin which is good to help the development of memory.

· Peanut Butter

Peanuts and peanut butter contain much vitamin E and antioxidant which is good for protecting the nerve cell membrane.

With thiamin, vitamin E helps the nerve cell to use glucose as energy needs.

· Wholemeal

Brain needs supply of constant glucose.

It can be found from wholemeal.

The fiber in wholemeal will regulate the release of glucose in the body.

This food also contains vitamin B that is good in keeping nerve system.

Those are proper food to brain.

You can consume it to get sharper minded and also good memory.

Keep your brain health by consuming the best food for brain, and feel the benefit after consuming it.