The Big Threat For Orangutans

The Big Threat For Orangutans
The Big Threat For Orangutans

Do ever notice and care about our national animal which also categorized as the endangered animal world called as Orangutans?

The population of Orangutans now is in the critical situation.

Years by years, the population is getting decrease.

As the people of Indonesia, we must do something to prevent the extinction of this Asia great apes.

To know what we should do to prevent this extinction, first we must know about what are the big threats to Orangutans.

There are a lot of threats that Orangutan is facing now, but I will just give the summary of some big threats, so we can get the clear understanding about what is the best action to protect the Orangutans habitat.

First threat is deforestation.

During this half of 20th century in Borneo island, one of the main forest habitat for Orangutans, this island lost 50% of forest and 80% of orangutans habitat.

All of this deforestation activities is the result of the city development.

It’s good to do the city development, but we must also be wise to let the green area still being there.

The second threat is the bushmeat hunting.

Many hunter are interesting in hunting orangutans for their meat or in the purpose for sale in the illegal pet trade.

The presence of Orangutan only can be found in Indonesia, therefore the price of orangutans in the international illegal pet trade must be so high.

So, than losing the Orangutans presence to sale it in the illegal trade, we should to keep the population increase in the purpose to increase the number of tourist come to Indonesia that interest to see how’s the life of orangutans.