The Dangers of Spicy Foods

The Dangers of Spicy Foods
The Dangers of Spicy Foods

Are you a spicy foods lover? 

You should know about the dangers of spicy food. 

As we know that spicy food can make you experience stomach ache. 

But not only about it, spicy foods can cause many problems because it is very dangerous food for our body. 

Here the danger of spicy foods you should know:

1. Spicy Foods is harmful for your gastric

Spicy food can cause the damage of gastric wall. 

It caused by the content of spicy foods that consist of too much acid, and it is very dangerous for your gastric.

2. Spicy Foods cause acute gastritis

Spicy food can cause acute gastritis--the situation where you experience vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

3. Spicy food cause insomnia

Spicy food can make you can’t sleep well in the night. 

So, avoid it to have restful sleep in the night.

4. Spicy food eliminate appetite

Spicy food can eliminate appetite, so you will be underweight, and then you will be easy to get disease.

Those are some information for you about the danger of spicy foods. 

So, now you can avoid the spicy food to avoid the dangers of spicy foods. 

Be healthy people by avoiding the dangers of spicy foods.