The Endangered Sumatran Tiger

The Endangered Sumatran Tiger
The Endangered Sumatran Tiger

Indonesia is a place that has some endangered species of animal world.

There are many reasons why those species are endangered.

It will be too bad if those endangered species become extinct because Indonesia has already loss some species of animal.

One example of species that is still endangered is the Sumatran Tiger.

It is one type of three tiger which can be found in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, two others are already extinct.

The Sumatran Tiger can be found in the area of Sumatra Island.

The last record of this species shows that there are about 300s Sumatran Tiger left in Indonesia.

It is a condition that should be concerned because it is very possible to end with the extinction of Sumatran Tiger.

Actually, the Sumatran Tiger is a species that has the ability to live in any places.

They will eat the foods which are available in the place where they live.

One thing which is very unfortunate is that they have difficulty to find the right place to live in nowadays because human already take over their natural habitat little by little.

It makes them have a very little space to live.

All human should really consider this condition so that the Sumatran Tiger will not extinct.