The Functions of Elephant’s Trunk

The Functions of Elephant’s Trunk
The Functions of Elephant’s Trunk

There is no question about it that elephant is one of the greatest animal on this planet.

Well, such thing cannot be denied. 

It is because by judging the size of the elephant, all people will agree with the statement.

Beside the big size of the elephant, this animal is also strong.

That is why elephant is even said to be king of the animal world.

The strength of the elephants is often showed by the trunk.

This trunk is full of strong muscles that can wreck your car instantly.

The trunk is not only strong but it is also flexible.

The elephants always use the trunks to help them eat their foods such as grass or leaves.

The trunk will lift the foods and point the foods to the mouth.

The trunk is like a hand for the elephant.

When the elephants are thirsty, they also use the trunks to carry the water.

The elephants also use the trunks when they are taking a bath.

They splash the water by using the trunks to make their bodies become wet.

Well, there is no doubt that the strength of the elephants is located in the trunks.

That is why you need to stay away from the trunks if you do not want to be harmed.