The Fundamental Treatment for Healthy Skin

The Fundamental Treatment for Healthy Skin
The Fundamental Treatment for Healthy Skin

There are several of fundamental treatments for healthy skin that must be followed.

The simple treatment can be done at home and the result is visible and maximal.

Before touching the face, you should wash hands first with water.

This is a must step to remove the hands from bacteria and gems.

It is better to do the habit in cleaning the face with cleanser and toner.

The cleanser and the toner must be suitable with the typical of the skin.

It must be done routinely, morning and at night before taking a bed and after having activities outdoor.

Moreover, wash the face daily at least 2 times a day after activities outside the house, or when you feel the skin is dry.

Don’t forget to use moisturizer every time, when getting activities outside.

It makes the skin healthy and free from radiation of ultraviolet (UV) that can cause the black spot and burnt.

It is recommended to spend a time about 2 until 3 minutes every night to massage the face skin every bedtime.

The purpose of the massage is to eliminate the fatigue on the face and it gives the skin color stay healthy and bright.

Wear a face mask at least 2 times in one week, so that the dirt on the face will be lifted and the face will be more clean and fresh and healthier.