The Greatness of the Elephant’s Trunk

The Greatness of the Elephant’s Trunk
The Greatness of the Elephant’s Trunk

Up to hundred years ago, the people believed that the elephant’s trunk is actually the elephant’s nose.

Well, such thing seemed logical because the elephant take its breath from its trunk.

However, the later research proved that the trunk has a lot of functions.

It is not a mere tool to breathe.

It can be said as the most important part of the elephant’s body to make it be able to secure its life in the animal world.

With the trunk, the elephants can lift their foods and drinks.

For your information, the elephant’s trunk consists of thousands of muscle.

That is why the trunk is actually very strong.

An elephant can wreck your house very easily.

With the strength of the trunk, the elephant can save its life if something harmful threatens the elephant.

Almost all activities which are done by the elephant are because of the trunk.

The experts even say that if an elephant finds its trunk is wounded or if there is something wrong with the trunk, the elephant will surely be dead quite soon.

Yes, indeed, such thing is very true.

The elephant will not be able to continue its life properly without the trunk.

It will not be able to eat, drink, and protect itself from the harm.