The Health Benefits of Onions You should Know

The Health Benefits of Onions You should Know
The Health Benefits of Onions You should Know

Onion is another ingredient in cooking that gives many health benefits to us.

Besides the function to give nice flavor in your recipe, it actually has great health benefits.

Find them below.

The Benefits of Onions

  • Onion contains phytochemicals that increase the function of vitamin C inside your body. In this way, you can have much greater immune system by consuming onion.
  • The chromium content in onions is beneficial to regulate the blood sugar.
  • Onion also has been used in centuries to heal infections and reduce inflammation.
  • When you eat onions raw, it will increase the good cholesterol production that will balance bad cholesterol in your blood.
  • Onion also contains quercetin that is beneficial to prevent cancer.
  • For those who have been bitten by a honeybee, don’t be panic because you can decrease the burning sensation and the pain by applying some juice of onion on the bitten area.
  • Onions also could reduce the developing gastric ulcers risks for the free radicals scavenging.
  • If you find a green top on each of your onions, don’t throw them away because it also has great health benefits. The top contains much vitamin A.

How to Enjoy Onions

Onions are widely used as the ingredient that adds flavor in foods.

It also can be consumed raw in kinds of ways; in the middle of sandwich, on the top of barbeque sticks, or as the sprinkles on your favorite salad with lemon squeeze, salt and cilantro leaves.