The Hybrid Cross of Lion and Tiger

The Hybrid Cross of Lion and Tiger
The Hybrid Cross of Lion and Tiger

In the animal world, we all know how the popularity of the king of the jungle, lion, makes it the famous predator with the tigers.

Although they are different species, but it is not impossible to make the combination of both species to make a new species, which has already resulted Liger, the abbreviation of lion and tiger.

The hybrid cross of tiger and lion is notably seen as growing much bigger than their parent species.

With the size, the species is today known as the biggest cat in the world.

They can weigh until 320 kg, while the average weight of lions is about 200 to 250 kg, while the tigers have the average weight of 300 kg.

The average of a Liger is about 20 years.

The oldest Liger that had ever lived aged 24 years.

The story of a Liger was started in the early 19th century, in Asia.

However, the hybrid cross has been seen as actually against the nature, that it could even be compared to how impossible should be the hybrid between human being and any species of animal.

Though, even the project works, but it actualy brings bad effect like death to the female when they give birth to a Liger.