The Loveable Indian Robin Birds

The Loveable Indian Robin Birds
The Loveable Indian Robin Birds

Indian Robins are little birds of both rural and suburban areas.

Especially in scrub jungle areas usually these little birds thrive well more in rural area.

As a lot of the Indian Robins’ territory is being destroyed then their urban areas are being expanded.

These Robins are sparrow sized black birds that have white patches on their wings and their tail bases have rusty colored patches that are constantly twitched.

Those features make the Indian Robins well recognized in the animal world.

With a slight differentiation in coloration that depends of the habitat, there are around five races of that have been identified.

The mature males of Indian Robins are more iridescent on the head and neck with glistening black feathers.

The mature females of Indian Robins have dull brown color that have about similar size as the males and have slightly darker wings.

These birds are known as peace loving ones but are very bold.

In the rural areas they come into compounds and approach very close to people to get morsels of food from the ground.

Their mainstays are scrub jungles around villages and in very heavily wooded areas they are not seen.

Their favorite perches are the fence lines as places for the males to sit and twitch their tails.