The Tallest Mammal on Earth

The Tallest Mammal on Earth
The Tallest Mammal on Earth

Giraffe is a four-legged mammal known as the highest beings on earth, also known as the tallest among other animals that live on land.

The high was in the range of 4.3 meters (or about 14 feet) up to 5.2 meters (about 17 feet).

Nevertheless, the world record ever recorded giraffe that has nearly 6 feet tall (or about 29 feet).

What about the weight?

Well, to adult male giraffe, it is weighing up to 1200 pounds, while for female giraffe weighed around 830 pounds.

In the animal world, the giraffe is known to have a scientific name which has similar to camelopard.

That name refers to a pattern that resembles skin spots which irregularly arranged, which can also be found when we looking at Leopard.

Moreover, the giraffe also has a familiar closeness with other animal species such as deer and cattle.

This is because most of the giraffe, as well as those animals, supporting its weight by third and fourth toes.

Giraffes live and sheltering themselves in the middles of Africa.

The animal was recorded live in Chad in Central Africa and can also be found in South Africa.

Its life habitat is savannas and steppes which are apparently found in those two regions.