Tiger in Snowy Area

Tiger in Snowy Area
Tiger in Snowy Area

Siberia is known as a place with some cold area in it, since those areas can be said as snowy areas.

The snowy areas never mean that there are no animals which are living in it.

As a matter of fact, there is a species which is quite well known and it is living in that area of snow in Siberia.

The name of the species is taken from the name of the area where it is living, the Siberian Tiger.

It is very reasonable isn’t it?

The scientific name of this tiger is Panthera Tigris Altaica.

The scientific name is less known rather than the popular name of this tiger.

In the area where it is living, Amur is another name of it which is also popular.

The Siberian Tiger is a species of tiger which is very well known in all over the world.

Nevertheless, it is actually near to any endanger situation that is why some of them are kept in captivation in order to keep its existence in this world.

If this tiger is not preserved goodly, it will undergo the same experience as any other relatives of it which is already extinct form animal world.

Please be concern!