Tiger is not Suitable as Pet

Tiger is not Suitable as Pet
Tiger is not Suitable as Pet

People in all over the world seem to get weirder form time to time.

They seem to do actions which are actually not proper to be done whatever the reason behind it is.

One example of it is the keeping of unusual pet which is actually not suitable to be kept instead of keeping other usual animal which are available in animal world.

One example of unusual pet is tiger.

In this world, there are some people who choose tiger as their pet and keep it in their home.

Keeping tiger in home is of course different with keeping tiger in captivation, a place which is designed to be very similar with the natural habitat of tiger.

Usually, people who are keeping tiger in their home have some reason if they are asked questions about why they are keeping it.

No matter what their reasons are, tiger is an animal which is not suitable as pet.

It is an animal that is suitable to live in the wild, which is its natural habitat.

Moreover, they will always have their nature as wild animal.

It means that they will always have the ability to kill and possible to attack its master as well.