Unique Facts about Bald Eagle

Unique Facts about Bald Eagle
Unique Facts about Bald Eagle

Maybe only few of us have opportunities to see bald eagles in their wild world.

This kind of eagle has distinctive white head so that it is recognizable easily.

In fact this creature is the official symbol of the United States that we can find it features the seal of United States presidential.

In short we can say that bald eagles are easily identified and are unmistakable.

The birds have a brown body, broad wings and a white tail and head.

Their talons and beaks are bright yellow.

Probably what make the founding fathers designated bald eagle as the national symbols are its simplicity and its unadorned plumage.

In animal world it is known that bald eagle range includes regions near in much of the United States.

When prey is abundant, the bird is well known to congregate in large number.

The main prey of bald eagle is fish.

However, the bird also likes to scavenge mammals of fish by other animals and likes to catch waterfowl.

Bald eagles usually breed in forested areas that are close to bodies of water because their diet dictates them live near water.

The courtship ritual of these eagles involves hours of aerial acrobatics and is complicated where every bird interlocks talons in mid air and spirals toward the ground.

The aim of that ritual is just to gain altitude and to release at the last moment.