Untrue Facts about Camel

Untrue Facts about Camel
Untrue Facts about Camel

Camel is an animal that frequently associated with desert area of the world.

Very few of people know well about the exotic animal.

Some people even strongly believe that the animal can spit at them.

In animal world there are many interesting facts about camels but here we will discuss more about untrue facts about camel.

Camel consists of two main species.

One is a group of camels that have one hump while the rest is a set of camels that have two humps.

Untrue fact about camel includes a myth that the hump is a place for the camel to store water in its body.

It is true that camel is able to use water very efficiently but in fact the humps are places to store fat in camels’ body to be used as source of energy when the animals find their place is scarce of food.

It is also not true that camel will spit at you if you are close to it.

The right fact is that it will throw at anything when they feel intimidated by it.

The camel body is well adapted to feed with low quality grass.

It is not true that the animal will be happier if we give it high quality grass.

The fact shows that high quality grass can even make the camel have weight problem.