Watch Out! Beware Of Listeria Bacteria On Apple

Watch Out! Beware Of Listeria Bacteria On Apple
Watch Out! Beware Of Listeria Bacteria On Apple

Last year the community shocked by the existence of harmful bacteria that exist in Ampel imports.

Many find apple imports, which contained these bacteria, but there are still many people who do not understand about bacteria called Listeria bacteria.

Characteristics Of Listeria Bacteria

This bacterium belongs to the Gram-positive bacteria.

These bacteria have locomotors called flagella.

This bacterium is found in wild animals, pets, and species of fish, birds, and shellfish.

These bacteria can also be found in soil, leaf green, animal feces and other environments.

These bacteria do not form spores that L.

Monocytogenes is resistant to conditions of heat, salt, and acid.

These bacteria are resistant to the freezing and could grow at 4°C, especially in foods stored in the refrigerator. L.

Monocytogenes bacteria can form biofilm that contained mucus on groceries attacked these bacteria.

Symptoms Of Listeriosis

These bacteria can cause a disease called listeriosis.

Presenting symptoms can come anytime between 3 to 70 days after infection with these bacteria.

Usually within 21 days symptoms have appeared.

Listeriosis is a common symptom due to nausea, muscle aches, diarrhea, and fever.

If the infection is attacking the central nervous system, the patient may experience headaches, loss of balance, seizures, stiff neck, and confusion.

Listeriosis can cause bacterial meningitis.

If a pregnant woman infected with these bacteria it would appear flu-like symptoms.