What Are The Treatments for Tuberculosis?

What Are The Treatments for Tuberculosis?
What Are The Treatments for Tuberculosis?

You might have known about what Tuberculosis is and what caused it, and you might want to know about available treatments to combat the illness.

There are actually many options to treat TB or Tuberculosis.

Given our modern advancement in medical department, the fact that we now have cures for Tuberculosis is definitely something to be grateful about as it used to be so lethal back in the day, without a cure to treat them.

The most common TB case attacks someone’s lungs.

Although it can also attack other vital organs such as the spine, brain, and kidney.

Find out what available treatments for Tuberculosis here.

Treatment for Both Latent and Active TB

Different than what most people believe, tuberculosis actually have dormant and active stage of its own.

Some people who are affected by the bacteria might not become sick because it is dormant.

On the flip side, latent tuberculosis can’t also be spread to other people.

However, if it becomes active, then the person will be diagnosed as positively sick from tuberculosis and should be treated immediately.

For latent TB, there are medications such as rifampin, isoniazid, and rifapentine to help preventing the bacteria from becoming active.

On the other hand, if the sufferer’s immune system can’t hold it long enough, a dormant TB might become an active one once it sees the chance.

It can multiply and causing the person to be actually sick with tuberculosis.

If this happens, then the person suffering from tuberculosis will be asked to take certain medications for about six to nine months.

Those medications are anti-tuberculosis agents that consist of ethambutol, rifampin, isoniazid, and pyrazinamide.