What your nails says about your healthy

What your nails says about your healthy
What your nails says about your healthy

Here are some problems of nails that signs your health with severe conditions that you need to pay attention more when you nails appears these problems.

Do you believe that your finger can tell you more about your healthy?

Nails Problem and Signs of Healthy

· The first problem is discoloration nails. 

The yellow nails are happen naturally with age. 

This condition also common come as due to acrylic nails or nail lacquer. 

Smoking also able to stain your nails

· Cracked, dry and brittle nails are able causes by dryness in nail plate. The chemical use or aging also able to cause your brittle nails condition.

· White spot in your nails can indicate for calcium deficiency or as result when your finger whack against something

· Spoon nails that refer to thin nails that become concave in shape. This is common signs from iron deficiency anemia.

· Pitting nails could be signs if you have psoriasis.

· Black discoloration or melanoma need immediate doctor treatment since is can be serious disease presents.

Maintain Your Nails

There are several options to keep your healthy nails.

First, for your cracked nails, you are able to soothe them by use moisturizing lotion.

Nails are absorbents such as your skin, therefore lotion are able to prevent them get dry.