Why Black Rhino Are Endangered

Why Black Rhino Are Endangered
Why Black Rhino Are Endangered

It is bad news about the black rhino as the IUCN has listed it as critically endangered animal.

In animal world, black rhino is mostly spotted in Africa particularly the southern and eastern areas of Africa but now it is in real danger that it becomes extinct in the foreseeable future.

As it has hook like upper lip then this species is called the hooked-lipped rhino.

A solitary animal is the black rhino because although mothers with young sometime may be in small groups, it only comes together to mate.

The eyesight of black rhino is very poor that therefore it gains a reputation for being extremely aggressive.

However, the reputation does not refer to an understanding that rhino would attack like lion.

In fact rhino does not usually attack us in the same way as lion probably does.

The black rhino will only attack if it feels panic or fear because of its poor eyesight.

Today we may only expect that the number of black rhino is left several thousand due to ruthless hunting for its valuable horns.

Keratin is the substance that builds rhino horn, which is also the same material that makes up human nail and hair.

Unfortunately people in China as well as other parts of eastern Asia believe that the horn has medicinal properties so that they hunt rhino horn to use it as traditional medication.

There is no supported study on the claim by the scientists but it seems that the herbalists keep using the rhino horn and claim that it can revive people from comas and can cure fevers.