Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners
Yoga for Beginners

Most people who are familiar with yoga are probably the ones who are committed to this practice. 

This practice is to seek balance between body and mind. 

Meditation in yoga helps your body to relax and loose. 

You can also have better sleep. 

However, since there are some yoga poses that are hard to do and need full concentration, beginners may find it difficult to adjust with the poses.

Sometimes, a silly question, such as “what is this pose?” 

comes through the mind. 

That is why, beginners are recommended to start from the easiest pose. 

In this case, beginners can try three easy poses.

First pose is the upward hand, for this pose, all you need to do is stand up straight and lift your arms above your shoulder. 

Second pose is the corpse, well this may sound scary, but really it is very easy because you only need to lie down on the floor. 

Third pose is the lotus pose, you need to sit straight and then cross your legs to the front of your body.

These three yoga poses help you to gain great blood circulation and to strengthen your muscles. 

Each pose requires 30 to 60 seconds. 

So, as beginners, you do not need to push yourself too hard. 

Just take it easy, you will advance in time.